Hello, here we are with new information regarding spirituality.

The many have a problem of high distractions. This is the most common fluctuations human mind deserves. Human mind has a lacks of thoughts a day. This hinders the peace of mind. Sportsperson, High level officer, Politician, Administrator, Manager, Sales person, Mechanic and more has a high level of stress.  Why?

An individual need to be focused on the single thing – dream of all ambitious persons. Focusing on the single work you doing requires practice. If you are a sportsmen you are in he pressure and needs to focus on the game. If you are student writing exam, you need to be focused on the writing and memorising. If you are a business man, projecting new business presentation, you are supposed to concentrate on your presentation.

“Be intellectual to work with high brilliance!!! “

We think to be focused only at the situation of high responsibility. This is where we are backing in focus. We need to be focused on the same thing consistently during certain situations- but we can’t.
Because the thoughts we get during these situations and fear interferes at this moment. Here we are doing a mistake of practice.
Practice, what is the practice. Instance, you drinking a juice, at the same time using the cell phone. What happens, can you enjoy the situation of drinking juice? You are writing something thinking about another thing, will the work will be done soon? If you need to be focused, you need to concentrate over that. Concentration is a practice. We should concentrate on the process of drinking juice. Practicing with the smaller things and process, will be the first thing we are going to do.
A batsman while practicing, he should be concentrated only on batting. This practice wont make him tensed at the situation of high pressure. A child of 5 years, plays tirelessly because it only concentrate on its play, no other distractions interfere there. While the father of child, coming home will be tired, because he is not intellectual. Intellectual means not to allow distractive thoughts during work through concentrating on your assigned work. When you think of another while doing one, you will be tired, will be irritated with work, feels uncomfortable. Start practicing with small things today.
Living in now is the very important concept of living tirelessly and tension less. The pressure on you for work is not a matter when he just focus and works on the work he is doing. A student preparing for exam, should also practice intellectuality during preparation. Start with the small things to perform efficient in the concerned situation.
Being intellectual- increases your efficiencyenergy, relieves stress, increases joy, feel bliss and very importantly your intelligence will be at peak when you live in present situation. Your past has gone, nothing is there to do with that. Future is yet to come- so create a bright future by living at present moment.

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