5 Mystics of Subconscious Mind [Number 3 is Enthralling]

Good-bad, positive-negative, rise-fall, ups-downs, these all are created primarily in your mind, then real. There is something within you, contributing for reality. Each action you perform is the result of thought in your mind. To be more clear, whatever you perform in reality, is first formed in your mind. Hence, this is a two step process. First you create in mind, then you bring into reality. But, there is a hidden but powerful, invisible yet conquerable abstract that sends information unknowingly to your mind. That mystical, truthful and powerful abstract is “Subconscious Mind”

Your subconscious can be your greatest barrier or greatest ally. You must choose what you wanted it to be


You are always awake!!! Your subconscious mind is all time awake. Your goals and dreams all works by subconscious mind. As a result you dream, act and achieve. Before controlling our mind, we need to know- How it works? After knowing the process, we can manipulate the code as we need. Now steps for achieving success is easy. Below are necessary fuels you should know to succeed.

#1 Power of Subconscious mind

95 to 99% of your actions and performance are regulated by your subconscious mind. You are granted with conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is what you think. Your subconscious mind is what you never seen. It is an abstract.

Let me call subconscious mind as creative member of your brain. Subconscious mind is responsible for your actions. Your subconscious mind have enormous strength to solve your problems. What you needed to do is- Reprogramming your Subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind can,

  1. Control your everyday activities from what you eat, what you wear to your sleep.
  2. Solve your everyday and day life problems.
  3. Give ideas.
  4. Help achieving your dreams and goals.
  5. abundance in showing gratitude for others or self.
  6. Make you insane or brilliant.
  7. Make you rich or poor.
  8. To live or die.

Above are the abilities of subconscious mind that takes control over what you eat? to when you die? Then its very important for us to know the functions and operations of subconscious mind.

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#2 How Does Subconscious Mind Works?

Conscious mind have ability to think, read and to make decisions. It never stores information. Conscious mind is meant for reasoning ability.

Your conscious mind works, as the instructions given by subconscious mind to conscious mind and vice versa. All data is stored in your subconscious mind- Bad and good. Here is the process of subconscious mind working-

Your subconscious mind is a fertile land. It yields what you sow. What you sow? Weeds or Carrot is up to you. Whatever the information you pass through conscious mind to subconscious mind, it receives without differentiation. It never discriminate between good and bad or positive and negative. Subconscious mind is very receptive for every information you provide through thoughts, performance or by response to other’s opinions. Soon you give information, subconscious mind starts working on it. It makes all preparations for executing your information. Subconscious works 24 hours a day, preparing a way to execute and controlling your actions to execute is a very rapid process, but also sometimes slow.

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Points to know about working of subconscious mind:

  1. It is a fertile land. You can grow anything in this land.
  2. It accepts everything without discrimination.
  3. Starts working on the information to execute.
  4. There is no filter to refine good and bad, while accepting thought pulse.

Filtration Process:

Giving information to subconscious mind means accepting anything with emotion or belief. While sending information to subconscious mind by conscious mind, we should put a filter. This filter is to maintain our subconscious mind’s fertility. Before sending, with conscious mind, think, judge and then decide whether you need to accept it or not. If you accept, you sent information to subconscious. So, pass the information through the filter of THINK & DECIDE. Never let the negative emotions or thoughts to enter subconscious mind. If you failed to do so, then that’s the start of downfall of your creative ability.

#3 Reprogramming your subconscious mind

Programming your subconscious mind is done unknowingly to you. Since from childhood, you have accepted many things as true. But, now you might have realized many things as wrong. Is there any possible ways of changing that programmed thought as right? That’s only possible through reprogramming!!!

How to reprogram ?

Mind always loves repetition. But we hate to do so.

reprogramming subconscious mind

Reprogramming lies in repetition. You should overcome or override the existing belief in your subconscious. We can’t backspace it to erase the belief. But, we can do it through repetition. For example, you are aiming to achieve income of 2,00,000/month by January 2021, but existed information in your subconscious is already running your everyday routine to remain same as of these went days. Repetition is the only MANTRA for erasing that existing belief.

Reprogramming your subconscious is not only about repeating the process regularly, but it is a mixing of emotions with information. Your subconscious responds very quick for emotions.

6 Steps for reprogramming:

  1. Decide What you want to achieve? / Where you want to reach? / How much you want to earn? or any other. Be specific in quantity and time. There is something favorable for subconscious mind with specificity.
  2. Prepare a road-map or plan for reaching your destination in a blank sheet in a fixed time frame.
  3. Post this blank sheet of road-map or plan where you can see always. Either in bedroom, study table, living area or veranda etc.
  4. Look at that post everyday before you go to bed and immediately when you wake up. Then start imagining yourself in that position for 30 seconds. Say yourself, “I am going to achieve it”.
  5. Repeat this everyday with emotion mixed in your thought pulse. You will build a strong desire of achieving it.
  6. Then that strong desire will be the driving force for your subconscious mind to work on the execution of your dreams.

This is the process of reprogramming. You can reprogram your dreams, goals, thoughts, emotions, beliefs in this way. Just repeat yourself- ” I want to become a philanthropist“,”I want to be good and productive everyday”, “I am having abundant emotions to love for others” and so on…

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#4 Taking control of Subconscious Mind

Till now you learnt How subconscious mind works? As i said earlier, Once you know the process, you can manipulate the output. Now controlling subconscious mind is not a great challenge after knowing basics of subconscious.

  1. Be careful in sending information to your subconscious mind.
  2. Never send any information without mixing emotions or faith with it.
  3. Reprogram your mind as mentioned in the above section. As a result you will erase negative data from your mind.

These above 3 simple steps are effective ways of taking control over your subconscious mind.

#5 Subconscious Mind Exercises

For healthy body, exercise is recommended. Health of subconscious mind is also very important for spiritual strength and cognitive ability.

  1. Counter Attacking: We encounter negative thoughts in a day. This negative thoughts are very quick receptive for subconscious. This damages our brain and thinking ability. This can be countered by COUNTER ATTACKING. This is a process of thinking positive when negative impulse enters your brain. Believe me a single negative thought destroys all your positive beliefs gradually.
  2. Visualising Technique: Visualising is a effective process. Imagination is the powerful weapon of creativity. Visualise and give information to your subconscious mind. Visualise your dreams, goals, desires regularly. Imagine yourself enjoying those dreamed fortunes.
  3. Repetition: We already came across this process in 6 steps for reprogramming.
  4. Attitude of Gratitude: At the end of day, show gratitude for people helped you, supported you that day. Thank your spouse, girlfriend/ boyfriend, father, mother, god, self, friends etc. This increases the trust in self for abundance in love for others.
  5. Plan your day: Before going into sleep, plan tomorrow. What you want to accomplish for your dreams? What is important for you to do tomorrow? When is my meeting? What time I want to wake up? This increases your productivity. Your subconscious mind starts working on those accomplishments you need to do.
  6. Interpretation: Interpret yourself as the person you like to be. Start interpreting famous personalities, titans from diverse areas. Think as they do, walk like they do, dress like they do, follow daily routine like they do and so on… This increases confidence in you along with programming your subconscious.