Respect to India lies all above


Vinay N Javali

Here is my introduction… I am Vinay N Javali from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.   I am a lean person… HAHAHA!!! I am a normal person interested in everyday improvemental activities. I love reading books, meditation and spending time for myself.  Many times I wonder why young people are driving by the evil force. Evil force- mobiles, time wasters, Netflix, video games, brain damaging activities. Majority of my dear earth mates are very less aware of their duties. They are lacking with dreams, responsibility and all above “Their true potential”. 

A person without passion and purpose or passionate about his purpose is unworthy to success. 

I believe in passion and purpose of life. So, I understood my purpose.  I have something do with this. A few months back, I was into deeper of self and decided my purpose. Here my purpose lies- To uplift the society and to help people creating their vision, dreams and paths for creating their fortune and setting up a wonderful example for others. 

You are my nerve and strength. You can join my journey on this vision. It’s true, I will be on this path if I have 100 people with me or 0 with me. I will never give up. Keep supporting me