APPETITE FOR ANALYTICS has launched a new programme for high school teachers. 

This programme provides opportunity for high school teachers teaching in 8th,9th and 10th class. 

There are many teachers who are working for low pay. In context of those teachers this new programme has been launched. Teacher works hard for students success. But at last, there will be very less returns for the teacher. Even though, the success of student is best returns for teacher, but there will be some aspects, where they are deprived from salary. 

This is very helpful for-

  • Private school teacher working for very low salary.
  • High school teachers.
  • Teacher having more spare time. 
  • Most importantly, for teachers work for students future. 

These above are benefitted. This doesn’t mean other teachers wont benefit. All are benefitted. 

Register with your contact number and email id. 

We will get back  to you with our exciting proposal. Then start to train our students on daily basis. 

Appetite For Analytics will be always grateful for such teachers. This will play major role in the life of teacher and also lays more impact on students career…

For further details Contact us:

VINAY N JAVALI– 9663420537

SHIVAYYA- 7022143268