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The below list of books helps for the quality preparation for PRELIMS & MAINS. 

Complete UPSC Preparation Books Set 

This Complete UPSC Preparation Kit is an absolute essential for each and every student aspiring to take the UPSC/IAS/Civil Services exams. The kit has been carefully constructed with almost all the essential items that are needed to prepare for the  exam, beginning with the Syllabus, Key Insights to Sample Papersand Complete NCERT Books and even popular books such as Manorama Year Book and CAST Topic Wise Solved Papers. The set contains 25 NCERT Books.

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Indian Polity 5th Edition Paperback – M. Laxmikanth

Best book for polity laxmikant 5 th edition 2017,it is very well written,its complete book for self study,original book not a xerox copy,all previous year solved from 1993 to 2016 (mcq prelims) also solved mcq for prelims for practice (276 question) and many more question unsolved for upsc main exam.

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History of Modern India- BIPIN CHANDRA

The book is relatively concise when compared to books on the same topic by other authors. It captures the holistic view of not only struggle for independence but also the later Mughal period (post Aurangzeb), the decline of central authority, rise of regional satraps and the domination of tribes from Afghanistan. Those who are preparing for Civil Services should definitely go through this book twice or thrice, especially as in the new pattern the history syllabus will begin from the mid-18th century instead of mid-19th century, as was  the case earlier.

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Indian Economy: Ramesh Singh

Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy is a comprehensive text with detailed coverage of all topics prescribed by the UPSC for Preliminary and Main examinations. Written by a subject expert and renowned teacher on the subject, the book has proved to be of immense importance to the aspirants of the Union and State civil services examinations, academics, researchers and those with an abiding passion for the subject.

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India’s Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947                             by  Bipin Chandra

India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra is your go to book for an in-depth and detailed overview on Indian independence movement . Indian freedom struggle is one of the most important parts of its history. A lot has been written and said about it.

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Certificate Physics And Human Geography; Indian Edition by Goh Cheng Leong

climate change, types of natural vegetation, mountain chains, desserts, climatic patterns, glaciers, minerals or other natural phenomenon, Certificate Physical and Human Geography is a natural companion book to know and learn from.Elementary details of most topics that comprise of physical and human geography have been covered in an easy to understand language, with many photographs, illustrations and maps

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Science and Technology by Ravi P Agrahari

This book on Science and Technology is meant for students preparing for the Preliminary and Main papers of the Civil Service Examinations. It covers all aspects of Science and Technology from basic to advanced level making it easier for students from non-science background to comprehend and retain. Keeping in line with the trend of the examination, there is great focus on Science and Technology and the recent developments and the related government schemes.

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A History of Medieval India by  Satish Chandra

There are great amount of historical moments strung together to bring India where it is today. A slice of these events add up to make this history book by Satish Chandra. The 1000 year period covered in this book details about the sequence of events and the empires that governed different parts of the country from the eighth to the eighteenth century.

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Government Schemes, Missions, Campaigns and         Programmes In India 

This book presents an overview of major Government initiatives with welfare schemes and programmes in India. It also describes the new initiatives taken by the Ministry of HRD. In this book, the recent schemes launched by the Government in banking and financial sectors, health sector, agriculture and educational sectors etc.

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