Knowledge Bug: The Secret of Sex Transmutation

Today I am writing this post because, all of us, most of all young age people are distracting with the misconception of strength of sex energy. Most of us feel shy to disclose this topic publicly. But for creating awareness in the young minds and bringing clarity about, what is sex energy? What is true meaning of sexual transmutation? How can we stimulate our brains through sex energy? how can we switch sex energy into required positive energy? this post is helpful.

Young people with strong desires unexpressed, will have the strong war of emotions in their minds. Emotion is nothing but the “state of mind”. Changing or switching the state of mind into high vibration of thoughts results in boosting creativity.

What is sex transmutation ?

Sex transmutation is the process of channeling or transmuting the energy of strong emotions of sex into any other nature.

Sex energy is the strongest driving force of all in this world!!!

#1| Strength of sexual energy

The famous self help author Napoleon Hill in 20th century published the beautiful brain storming book “Think and Grow Rich”. This book mentions about sex transmutation in the chapter “The mystery of Sex Transmutation”. The unrecognizable strength of every human being is “Sexual Energy”. Sexual energy is the most powerful, irresistible and invincible driving force for humans.

Reaching higher vibrations of thoughts than the normal results in brain stimulation. This results in achieving superior thoughts. Stimulating our brain is the secrets of all Geniuses. A genius is the person who freely communicate to the natural source of knowledge.

8 ways of brain stimulation:

  1. Desire for sex
  2. Love
  3. Strong burning desire for fame, recognition, goals or business success
  4. Music
  5. Accompanying our friends of same or opposite gender.
  6. Alliance with mentally resonating people.
  7. Fear
  8. Narcotics/alcohol

The above helps in acheiving brain stimulation. In those, desire for sex stands first. This energy alone is powerful than all other ways. Now think, what will be the result of transmuting this energy into productivity, motivation and to attain cognitive genius ?

This virtue should not be construed as justification for libertine.

Napoleon Hill

This driving force is as detrimental as drugs and narcotics consequently damaging brain. This is to say, emotion of sex is a virtue only when it is used intelligently and with discrimination. On the other hand it can be misused and may result in debasing both body and mind.

#2| How to Increase Productivity ?

Desire for sex stimulates brain. This stands above all possible stimulating techniques. Dr. Elmer R Gates owned more than 200 patents. His brain stimulating technique is-

  • He stimulates his brain with higher vibrations than normal by virtue of any of those 8 or more brain stimulating techniques.
  • He concentrates upon the known factors (finished part) of his invention and creates in his mind a perfect picture of unknown factors (unfinished part) of his invention. Then he holds that picture till his subconscious mind picks that and relaxes his mind by freeing up with all thoughts and wait for answer to flash in his mind.

This technique strengthen the creativity of Dr. Gates. He earned his living by “sitting for an idea” methodology. He was receiving huge paychecks from companies for his solutions.

Here is a video from Chronicle Living about “Sex Transmutation” in “Think and Grow Rich”. Go through this video to gain grip over the concept.

Sex emotions increases productivity. The energy associated with sex desires is unstoppable. Productivity increases by channeling sex energy into motivation . We can transmute sex energy into- burning desire for goals, increase massive focus, switch to productivity and thinking ability.

This channeled energy drives for more vibration in thoughts. These thoughts are freely flown into subconscious mind. Then comes “Hunch”. Hunches are the ideas flashed in conscious mind. This strong vibrations in your brain increases work ability and results. Hence driving for more productivity…!!!

With my eyes closed, I am able to draw upon a source of superior intelligence!!!

But, knowing the art of transmuting- desire for sex, sex emotions and urge for physical expression- demands will power. This art is achieved by consistent practice.

#3| How to retain sex energy?

Unleash Your creativity

Retaining sex energy is considerable for generosity. When you are with ready energy you can use it. There are no enough people who can resist this driving force. But, if you want to be the history maker, then sacrifice and retention both comes into act. You need to sacrifice good for best!!!

We waste our sex energy by physical expression and masturbation. These two are the main source of energy dissipation. Retaining seminal fluid is very important to achieve physical energy. When we resist this energy and channel it into the positive way, we achieve greatness.

There is no other road to genius than through voluntary self effort!!

#4|5 secrets to channelize sex energy

Till here, you were wondering about the unseen power within you. Now you might be thinking of- how to transmute desire for sex into creativity, enthusiasm, focus, productivity and motivation.

  1. Retain Seminal Fluid: For men, retaining seminal fluid saves energy by dissipating into worthless. You should be always aware about storing energy. Retention costs your will power. When your desire for creativity is greater than temporary joy, you will achieve this virtue.
  2. Consistency and persistency: Research says motivation lies less than a day for a person. So, considering and bringing change into your heart and feeding awareness into your mind will channelize sex energy into positive energy. Consistent and persistent try for controlling your desires helps your retain the strength within you.
  3. Thinking of your goals: While you are high with the desire for sex, start thinking about your goals. Your goals should be backed with faith and burning desires. Soon, your sex energy is transmuted into the desire for goals. This results in increased vibrations of thoughts and yields ideas into your subconscious mind. Thereafter try waiting for ways of implementation.
  4. Bringing that energy into work: When you are acquired with sexual desire impulse, try focusing on your ongoing work. By practice, you will be able to transmute that energy into your work. This increases your productivity at work.
  5. Transferring energy into nature: Rather dissipating your sex energy through earlier mentioned means. Go out for a walk in woods, biking to your favorite spot or cycling. But never forget to do positive things when you are high on sexual desires.

This video about “Harnessing- sexual energy” by “Luce” aids you in switching of sex energy into your focus and enhancement of creativity

These proven methods will lift you higher in your thoughts, work process, creativity, focus and will power.

In conclusion to this…

The man who cannot be stimulated to great heights of achievements by love, is hopeless- He is dead, though he may seem to live

History is filled with geniuses. Become an history creator. No only sex energy possibles the genius to achieve mastery, creativity in their works. But, the combination of love with sex made them genius. Love is an emotion. The major difference is that love is spiritual, while sex is biological. Emotions in proportion to desire make life and thoughts balanced. No history creators are alone responsible for success, but their woman played major role in their success. Love, Sex and Romance are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement. When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius.

At last, when the emotion of romance is added to those of love and sex , the obstructions between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence are removed. Then the genius is BORN…