Smart work pays more than hard work. Many will spend lot of more than 3 hours to read newspaper. This is not favorable for your preparation. Time should be valued more. Reading newspaper is a matter of 90 min. a day. Do spent less and efficient time on reading newspaper. Our AFA Daily Currrent Affairs Analysis (AFADCAA) will provide you daily updates on curent affairs. You can go through that. It may take 60 min. Make use of this effective tool for your preparation.

If you go through UPSC syllabus and then questions asked in previous years, you will easily find the importance of newspapers. All the static portions be it Geography, History, Economics, Polity, Science and Tech or Environment are a regular part of daily news. Moreover, UPSC has the knack of relating contemporary issues to static aspect and then frame the question asking the analytical aspect. This become difficult when you are unaware of contemporary development or even if aware, could not relate it.

(The below is the suggestion and not compulsory to follow. Many have their own ways of reading newspaper)


Important Sources

The Hindu

Significance: What to look for?

  • One of the best sources to prepare for socio-economic and political issues
  • Editorials and Opinions: An elaborative account and view on government programmes and policies.
  • Science and Technology: Thursday Edition- Quite handy for everyday scientific developments.
  • Environmental issues– Issues and policies at national and international level
  • Economy– Economic developments and policies

The Indian Express

Significance: What to look for?

  • Articles on International Relations are one of the best as compared to other newspapers.
  • Written and recommended by IFS officers.
  • Lots of stuffs and dimensions for IR can be prepared from here.

Press Information Bureau

Significance: What to look for?

  • Programmes and Policy updates of Government on daily basis- If you miss in newspapers
  • Features: Selective articles on important personalities and their contribution. Also, you will find important historical accounts.
  • Written by government officials- added authencity

PRS Legislative Research

Significance: What to look for?

  • Discusses about the bills and policies of government
  • Here you will find all the tabled and non tabled bills of Parliament.
  • Also, very simple and brief summary of acts and bills.
  • A monthly Policy Review: A monthly comprehensive report of the major policy developments across various sectors in the country.
  • The aim is to help readers keep track of all significant policy events, including reports by parliamentary and government committees.

IDSA: Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis

Significance: What to look for?

  • It gives a detailed coverage of India’s national security, internal security and relations.
  • Very effective source to prepare or get opinion on International Relations, Defense relations and governments approach for national and international diplomacy.
  • It is one of the best source to prepare for Paper 3- Internal and External security

Yojana and Kurukshetra

Significance: What to look for?

  • Published by GOI and comprises of articles on diverse topics- from social to economic domain.
  • Basically a detailed analysis of government schemes and programmes.
  • Also covers social issues and policies affecting vulnerable sections.
  • A very important and authentic source to generate opinion on government programmes and policies.

LokSabha and RajyaSabha Debates

Significance: What to look for?

  • Discussions on various socio-economic and political discourses.
  • It gives you various opinions on such topics from experts who are many a times government officials or subject experts.
  • It is seen that unearthing dimensions becomes difficult while reading articles but when we see live discussions, get loads of quality information and dimensions in less time.
  • Highly recommended from Mains point of view.


Some tips to follow
  • Never focus on political news as- Janta Parties are finally a Parivar
  • Never read political remarks
  • Always focus on socio-economic issues like Women issues, Education or Health related issues, Issues or policies affecting vulnerable sections etc.
  • Always focus on issues of national and international importance.
  • Focus should be on political issues related to Indian Constitution, Legislative and Administrative processes
  • Focus on Supreme Court or High Court verdicts
  • Do not pay attention to deaths, awards or sports section unless significant- Just a formal read
  • Always read the syllabus of Prelims and Mains-Time and Again until you memorize it.
  • This will make sure that you are not missing topics related to your syllabus.