Internships for creative young minds !!! 

An Internship programme by Appetite For Analytics for UG students


Internships for fresh creative minds to work with our AFA team!!!

Internships for UPSC aspirants and under graduation students (UG).  Opportunity to work with AFA. We are interning blossoms.

You have to work with us on different fields, while preparing simultaneously for your CSE. We with different ideas, will train you. We are here to enhance your abilities and skills and intended for increase quality of skills.

A gateway for students for enhancement of skills. No experience required. 1st and 2nd year under graduation students will be benefited. Work online from any place. 



  • Daily current affairs analysation
  • Web designing
  • Content manager
  • Post Writing
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO editor
  • Consultant
  • Team Manager

Any Queries you can contact: 9663420537, 7022143268

Note: This will not affect your preparation but increase ability and quality of preparation. We train you, if not familiar with work. You only need to have  a strong zeal of skills enhancement.



  • We are looking for candidates in graduation.
  • BE/BA/MBBS/B.Tech/B.Com/B.Sc etc. all Under graduating students.
  • Should be committed to spare a time of about 1 to 2 hours a day.
  • Should be regular and consistent in their work. This is the mandatory requirement.
  • Should be abide by all  the rules of our “Appetite For Analytics”.
  • This is not a full time work. Just needs 1 – 2 hours a day based on your abilities. Candidates from any place are acceptable. 

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Note: The mentioned criteria is compulsory and we prefer most for students in Graduation [1st & 2nd year]. Welcome all…

Tenure: You will be given internship duration of at least 15 days and assure training. Tenure may extend.

You will be getting incentives after tenure, on basis of – level of preparation, Efficiency in work, Sincerity in working and time management.

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