Appetite For Analytics is the creative team aiming to provide creative learning platform and great opportunity for young brains to work with us. We are more emphasised on skill development. 

“It’s skill not strength that governs a ship”

We are looking for creative team!!!

Be a part of APPETITE FOR ANALYTICS, have a better work experience with us…



We are on likely to have skilled young brains in designing, coding, multimedia designing, management, content analysis, analytical thinking, creative editing, social media management, typing, resource management and researching.

“These are skill we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do”

 Our visions:

  • Providing the platform for creative learning- Learning includes skill training and creative development.
  • India is vey much needed with skillful workers. According to research India is back in skill resources. We are aiming to develop skills at the early age of  teen i.e 14. 
  • We aimed at providing the quality education in creative way. 
  • Indian young minds are having brilliant ideas and we are there to help us in all aspects in future as we grow gradually. 
  • By 2025, APPETITE FOR ANALYTICS is going to be the best e-skilling platform in India. 

Be a part of our AFA family, we are happy to take you along with our visions and success!!!

We are looking for a brilliant team with skillful brains. We ensure to provide the required support and help for your work as directed by AFA. 

Note: We are looking for young minds with brilliant ideas and skills. 




More details:

9663420537 / 7022143268
4:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Sunday - Holiday