1. Ansar Ahmad Shaikh (21 yrs old)- Auto Driver’s Son

IAS Topper

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh has become the youngest candidate to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam at the age of 21 with an all India rank of 361 in his very first attempt in 2015. Ansar sheikh, the son of an auto-rickshaw driver and brother of a mechanic, hails from a marginalised family from the Jalna village of Maharashtra.

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Ramu to Ramesh IAS- a disable’s voyage of life!!!


A person can succeed from whatever he have. A person here is a physically disabled and suffered a hardest and toughest experience in his journey to  IAS, here he is- Ramesh Gholap, known as Ramu in his village Mahagoan in Barshi Taluka, Solapur district of Maharashtra,… 

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