2 Unknown Tactics to overcome worries

Today I was onto the special reading!!! I got something to learn and teach. I was reading a book “The Leader  in you” by Dale Carnegie, an entrepreneur and educator. I was excited to learn about the new stuffs. Many of us, everyday suffer from the most dangerous virus. Brain harming virus!!! Shocked?

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Yes, we suffer with the dangerous mental issue everyday. We call it as WORRY. Yes, worries are energy drainers. Worries takes majority of the day’s time. 

Here I am with few points on worries…

worried women

We are at the stage of present. We are neither in past nor in future. Past and future are two eternities. We are not in that eternity. We won’t live past or touch future. We just live in present moment. Is that necessary to worry now? Think of putting your energy on thinking about past, already happened and dreaming about future unseen. What you will be resulted ? Worry is  the result. 

Put your energy, put your attention and put your drive where it will count: TODAY

Knowledge Bug

Probability on facts

We worry everyday for smaller to bigger problems- sometimes useless problems. We worry, we think, we energize our worry by giving supplements- negativity supporting thoughts. We are energizing our worries everyday. Do you think that results you to positive? Definitely your answer is NO. 

Come on… I won’t delay, we move on… Probability on facts. I will give you few examples.  

You are travelling in a plane, you are worried about plane crash and thinking, what if the plane hit a mountain or dash a building or mistakenly landed on lake beside the airport and some more. You might have experienced, when you start thinking about something evil, many other will take birth in your brain. These evils starts duplicating in your brain and whole brain will be occupied by needless evil thoughts. This needless will mislead to worries. You start to worry about the accident or plane crash. Cool dude you have solution!!!

Come to the facts, plane may crash. Probability of crashing will be either 1 in 500 or 1 in 1000. Friend, you have 499 or 999 ways of going safe. You are secured, just stop amplifying your worries. 

Give time to think positive. Think about the facts and probability of reality. 

Sadhguru explains, How to overcome worry ?

Stop loss on your worries

Try asking question on yourself the question that wall street investors ask themselves, How much of a loss am I willing to take on this investment? If the market turns unexpectedly, how far will I allow this stock to fall? At what point do I just take the beating and walk away. 

stoploss order

A Stop-loss order called on wall street. The message to traders or investors is, sell the stock if it falls below a certain price. I’ll eat the loss, but I am not going to throw away my fortune on a single mistaken call.

You can also follow the same system when it comes to worry. Ask yourself, How much worry is this one problem worth? Is it worth one sleepless night? Is it worth a week’s worth of anxiety? Very, very few would be. Decide in advance how much worry a problem is worth. 


Dale Carnegie

Past-future, needed-needless, confined-free, all these matters when you are serious about your thoughts. You should be responsible for every thought you will have.  You should be conscious about your steps. There is solution for every problem under the sun, try finding out. If no solution then, why worry ?  Learn from the past, focus on present and make your future a fortune. Worries are always needless. Again worries won’t create positive vibrations but right perspective thinking does. Move on with less and very less worries…